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to the BCT Illinois Online Employment Department. We have a complete listing of all our jobs with descriptions, which includes status indications. Please feel free to look over all the information included here. If, after your review, you find that you are interested in applying for one of our positions, you may fill in the online application, E-mail, or call our plant to request an interview. If you are interested in one of our positions that has no current openings, we still invite you to fill out the online application. Your application will be reviewed and placed on file for future call back.
for taking the time to visit our site. We encourage you to check back regularly. BCT Illinois is an equal opportunity employer. We will never discriminate against anyone for any reason. All are welcome.
by simply filling out the Online Employment Application. Please try and tell us as much about yourself as possible and try not to leave any areas blank. If you are unable to provide certain information, please indicate this by entering "Not Sure".
If you are applying for a position that is hiring, we will contact you per the method you request on the application in order to schedule an interview. If you are applying for a position that is not hiring, we will review your application and file it for future call backs. In the event you find we are hiring for your desired position, it is not necessary to fill out the application again. Indicate your name and select the box "Application on File". You should take the time to update any information that you would like us to be aware of, such as any new skills or training.
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